Hall Art Foundation


For centuries Schloss Derneburg was a convent and later a monastery. In the 19th Century, it became a residence for the Anglo-Hanoverian Dukes of Münster from 1814 – 1974. In the 1840s, the Münster’s commissioned Hanoverian architect Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves to convert the schloss into a stately home, transforming much of the former monastery into the castle we know today.

In homage to the Munster family’s British heritage, we now offer guests traditional English afternoon tea, served with a selection of pastries and English gin.  Visitors have access to the salon’s terrace which has unparalleled views of the landscape and are encouraged to linger, read, and learn about the history of our unique venue.


The museum bookstore offers an assortment of art books tailored to the Hall Art Foundation's collection. In the exhibition-accompanying reading room, visitors have the opportunity to browse through selected literature on current exhibitions.